April 19, 2004

اول از همه کلي ممنون از همه اونايي که با نظراشون کلي خوشحالم کردن! :*
بعدشم اينکه نميدونم چرا اينقدر از گذشت زمان وحشت دارم. دلم ميخواد يه ذره سرعت گذشت زمان کمتر بشه... يه ذره آرومتر به عدداي سن آدم اضافه بشه.

اين چند روز يه مقدار مشغول تحقيق در مورد Package هاي اتوماسيون اداري بودم. چيزاي خوبي نوشتن اما خب هنوز خيلي ميتونه کاملتر از اينها باشه. اگر هرکس نرم افزار خوبي سراغ داره معرفي کنه ممنون ميشم:)

I can't understand it.
The search for an answer is met with a darker day.
And we've been handed these moments forever.
But I'm reassured there's another way.
You don't have to close your eyes.
There is room for love again.
Ease the pain to realize
All that love can be.
Forced apart by time and sand.
Take a step and take my hand.
And don't let it go.
Never let go.

Broken, once connected,
We were so strong and so blessed in a simple way.
So don't let me go it alone.
Turn your head up to the sky.
Nothing down below but me.
Face the truth to realize
All that we could be.
Torn apart by rage and fear.
Hold onto what brought you here.
Don't let it go.
Never let go.

Turn your head up to the sky.
Nothing down below.
Don't let go.

Posted by agordji at April 19, 2004 12:44 AM